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Will tell from optimistic, hope to give children a feeling of joy, from quality, hope clothing have comfort, safety, from the point of view of the respect children, give the child of their choice, not standing in the point of view of the adults.
Brand essence dont need catchy, and need to carry out the design of every detail, through the sale of real action. Positioning is the first step, no location, design Supra Shoes UK have no orientation. In fact of the childrens clothing overseas well-known global brands is completely different, can express brand spirit and concept of value, such as fashion is characteristic, or to the academic branch of classic is characteristic, China must ultimately childrens clothes from the price war back to the product itself, from design to reflect Supra High Tops the concept of convey to consumers and way of life.
Send MIDI childrens clothes for children to offer the second skin ? sent MIDI childrens clothing in pure cotton as the main materials, tie-in latest fabric, complementary with cotton, wool, etc DuoZhong natural green material, make the product show diversity, fashion and leisure concurrently practical, comfortable and Supra Kids Shoes easy and environmental health pay equal attention to.
Health achievements in the future!
Send MIDI childrens clothing in child health as the core, outstanding- Paimidi sent MIDI brand of environmental science.
For every child do provide reliable the second skin.
Send MIDI childrens clothing brand comfortable environmental protection sent MIDI (Paimidi), founded in 1996, was born in guangdong province Supra TK Society , the dongguan humen town, the factory mainly produces the wholesale, foreign trade mainly.
After years of development, now has become a collective design, production, sales for the integration of clothing brand enterprise, have DuoNian childrens clothes industry experience, the company has a mature huge development design center, modern office environment and standardized industrial workshop.
Send MIDI childrens clothing brand comfortable environmental protection its sent MIDI childrens clothing products exported to southeast Asia, Middle East, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc.






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